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COVID Safe Photography

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In these unprecedented times, families have undoubtedly been hit extremely hard. Not being able to show your kids the joys of their wider world may feel devastating, especially considering how precious and fleeting those years of their life can be. 

Siobhan Wolff seeks to ensure her photography studio stays safe and accessible as long as  COVID-19 restrictions permit her to operate. Whilst her photography studio must be closed to the public during hard lockdowns, Siobhan does her best to keep her studio COVID Safe for both newborns and expectant parents when she is able to open her doors to clients.

You can find Siobhan’s full and detailed COVID Safe plan below.

1. Full vaccinations and health monitoring

The photographer will stay up-to-date with vaccinations for COVID-19, the flu, and whooping cough. If the photographer is feeling unwell, they will promptly notify clients and cancel or reschedule studio appointments. Clients who may be feeling unwell should also contact the photographer prior to their appointment in order to reschedule or cancel their booking.

Siobhan recognises that it is a vital responsibility of her work as a maternity and newborn photographer to ensure the health and safety of her clients and their young children.

2. Maintaining social distancing

The photographer will maintain a 1.5 metre distance from clients wherever possible. Only members of the same household will be permitted to participate in photography sessions.

All transactional activity will also take place online to maintain social distancing both before and after client bookings as well.

3. Practicing proper hygiene and cleaning measures

The photographer will ensure that their photography studio, props, costumes, and accessories are all thoroughly cleansed and sanitized between client bookings. 

To further ensure proper hygiene is maintained throughout her studio, Siobhan will also only be taking one client booking per day for the foreseeable future.

4. The use of face masks

The photographer will wear a face mask and gloves at all times throughout a client booking to ensure that any risks of contamination via close contact are thoroughly mitigated. 

Face masks are mandatory at Siobhan Wolff Photography and must be worn in the photography studio by anyone aged 12 years and over unless they have a lawful reason not to abide.

5. COVID Safe Signage

The photography studio will have clear COVID Safe signage detailing the studio capacity needed to maintain social distancing, as well as signage detailing the mandatory need for facemasks whilst inside the studio space.

The photographer will ensure that this signage stays up-to-date and reflects changes made to Victorian state COVID-19 restrictions.

6. Maintaining appointment records

The photographer will maintain thorough records of client bookings, recording names of participants, as well as their contact details alongside the date of their booking with Siobhan Wolff Photography.

The photographer will promptly notify clients of any potential risks of close contact, and will alert clients in the event that they may need to obtain a COVID-19 test.