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Document your pregnancy journey with a Maternity Photoshoot

How would you like to remember your pregnancy?

A womans maternity journey is relatively short. From the first few weeks of excited joy as you realise you are growing new life inside you and watching your body grow and evolve.  Amongst this joy and excitement life goes on…….. and in fact gets a little busier as you need to now fit in doctors appointments, baby shopping trips and hospital tours to ensure you are prepared and everything is ready.  “Wow I can hear it now is 9 months really all the time I have”

An important question arises from this panic.  “How do I want to remember this time in my life?

This is where a maternity photography experience with Siobhan Wolff Photography is the perfect answer. 

Pregnancy Photography

Finding out that you have a child on the way is one of life’s most impactful moments, and the months leading up to your new baby’s arrival can be hugely emotional for both parents.


Receiving professional maternity photography in Melbourne is the perfect way to capture those moments of anticipation and emotion in a stunning way that is as beautiful as it is uniquely personal to you.

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Choosing Siobhan Wolff for your Maternity Photography

Siobhan has been working with Melbourne mums-to-be and their babies for over 10 years and she has carefully crafted her service to tap into the uniqueness of everyone’s maternity experience.

She has a strong communication and consultation process which means that each client will receive their own personal emphasis.

Some mums want to feel sexy during this time, some mums prefer a more traditional look that they can share with friends and family.

Siobhan has a beautiful range of silks, gowns, fabrics and accessories for hire to help achieve your desired style. Siobhan can create your unique memory of this special time.

Siobhan’s experience in working alongside expecting mothers and fathers to create exceptional, elegant baby photography is evident the moment you walk in the Melbourne based studio.

Siobhan Wolff will talk you through your vision and ensure that each part of your maternity photography experience is catered to your wants and needs.

Husbands and older siblings are welcome.

With a selection of gowns, silks, headpieces, backdrops and set pieces, Siobhan is dedicated to working with you to create images that will truly last a lifetime.

To learn more about our process and portfolio, you can explore our gallery and see some of our previous works. Or, if you’re ready to take that next step, book your maternity photoshoot today.

Step-by-Step Guide to Maternity Photography

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to her process.

Step 1. 

Make a booking early and pay the session fee. 

Step 2.

Work out if you want a studio session or outdoor shoot.
Schedule your shoot between 33-37 weeks gestation.

Step 3.

Arrange 20 minute phone consultation regarding styling and how you would like to use your final images.

Step 4. 

Arrange hair and makeup on the day of the shoot.

Step 5. 

The shoot itself.
Relax and have fun with it.

Step 6. 

Gallery Viewing and image selection.

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Maternity Photographer Siobhan Wolff Melbourne
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Maternity Photography FAQ’s

When should I book a maternity shoot?

The best time to book a maternity shoot is between 35-38 weeks.  That way your pregnant form is at its best, but is also not too uncomfortable.

Should I have my hair and makeup done?

Yes, It is recommended that you have your hair and makeup done prior to your shoot.

Can I choose an indoor or outdoor shoot?

Siobhan does offer studio as well as outdoor maternity sessions.

Can my partner and other children come along?

Yes, we do encourage partners and older siblings to be included in the shoot. The arrival of a new baby is truly a blessing for the whole family.

Do you offer any discounts for a combined maternity and newborn photoshoot?

Yes, we offer a generous $250.00 discount when you book together and a further $100 saving on the combined session fee.

What should I wear to my maternity photoshoot?

Siobhan will chat at length with you regarding wardrobe choices during the styling consultation. She has a range of gowns for hire, or you may wish to bring some of your own items from home.

Do you provide maternity gowns for the shoot?

We have an extensive range of maternity gowns, silks and headpieces to assist with the styling process.  We recommend having your hair and makeup done for the shoot but otherwise leave the rest to us.

How long does the photography shoot last?

The shoot is 1-1.5 hours long.

When will I see the images?

You will be able to see your images between 7-14 days of the shoot taking place.

Where in Melbourne are you located?

Siobhan’s studio is based in Kew in Melbourne’s East.

Get In Touch

Siobhan works from a warm, relaxed and welcoming home based studio in Kew. Siobhan is fully vaccinated, insured and trained in the safe handling of newborns and has a wide array of newborn props and accessories to help with the styling of your session.

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Where should I start my Maternity Photography Journey?

The journey into motherhood is a truly beautiful and unique time in a woman’s life. Everyone’s experience of pregnancy is different, but Siobhan can guide you to document your own personal journey.

It is best to schedule your maternity photography shoot between 35-38 weeks in order to accentuate the pregnant belly. Siobhan will discuss your exact vision whether that be a more conservative approach or if you may want your pregnant belly to be loud and proud. We are passionate about providing you with a comfortable experience and will be happy to move at your pace and factor in your needs.

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