Baby Photoshoot in Melbourne: Capturing Precious Moments

Siobhan Wolff, accredited photographer will help you capture the beautiful first few days of you and your newborn. Their early months will pass by in a blur so plan ahead and create a memory that will last forever.

It is my aim to capture the your baby and all the details that make your little one unique. I love creating stunning baby portraits as well as family shots that show your family’s love and connection.

My home studio is in Kew in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, where I specialise in baby photography. After a photoshoot with me, you will have beautiful portraits of your little one to treasure for a lifetime.

The first 5-15 days

This best time to capture the purity of your newborn is between 5-15 days. It is during this brief period of time that you really can capture moments of pure innocence.

All of my sessions are scheduled at 9:30am. It is best to feed your baby at home, so that we can proceed with the shoot as soon as you arrive. Your session will take two to four hours, allowing me ample time to position your baby and take delightful close-ups and full body shots from different angles.

What to bring

Feeding your baby is advised before the session. And as needed we will stop the feeding in the regular sessions. It is advised to bring snacks and water to the session because a session can last a long time.

What to expect

I assure you that your baby will be in very safe hands. I have been photographing newborns in Melbourne for the past six years and your baby’s comfort is my main priority. I am also a mum and I understand how it feels to hand your baby over to someone you’ve just met which is why I encourage parents to sit close by and watch the session.

If you have any doubts about embarking on this experience with your baby, head over to my testimonials page where you will hopefully receive the assurance from my very happy clients.

Book your session today

Capture for a lifetime the essence of your baby’s beauty. If you want to arrange a session, you can call me directly on 0406 065397 or book online today.

Baby Photography Session in Melbourne
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